About Us


The Lumbini Academic College(LAC) is an institution dedicated to higher education suitable for the 21st century. It is one of three educational institutions established and flourishing under the umbrella of the Lumbini Academic Foundation (LAF). LAC is set in a serene atmosphere at Chuchchepati, Chabahil. It provides personalized instructions in its regular basic education programs from pre-school to high school and university level education to a limited number of students using prescribed curriculum and materials. The LAF is guided by  a concept for the need of an affordable educational institution which can offer education to pupils of different age groups and grades.

A high academic standard is a priority for our school and it is being achieved through a body of well trained and highly qualified teachers. Our team of teacher is properly and actively assisted by the services of a dedicated and much disciplined body of administrative and technical staff.

The LAC has placed high value on an innovative and practical way of teaching and learning. While offering educational training we always try to synchronize academic excellence, practical knowledge, necessary wisdom and moral discipline.

The Lumbini Academic College is a learning community devoted to students and committed to quality of thought, word, and action. In order to motivate and prepare our students as future scholars and community contributors, in addition to the use of syllabus required for their respective classes, we have designed our own curriculum, teaching methodology and assessment techniques.


  • To develop medium and higher-level professional with a full exposure in practical experience and knowledge on fundamental theoretical prespectives.
  • To prompre standard and quality education.
  • Student-Focused Locally and Globally Connected
  • Innovative & Committed to Excellence
  • Respectful and Inclusive

Why Choose Our Institution

Scholarship Facility

To be recognized a sanation’s research in tensive college, while sustaining the growth of Nepal’s developing economy . . .


LAC is dedicated to strive persistently in the academic sphere by integrating research and education to produce scholars . . .


Our values for the guiding principles of all that we do- for our students, our employees, and our communities. At Lumbini Academic . . .