Welcome and Farewell Program

Lumbini Academic College recently held a memorable welcome and farewell program for students at Arayana Boutique Hotel. The event, divided into two parts, catered to students from plus 2, Bachelor, and Master levels,  offering a mix of formal and informal festivities.

Transitioning to the informal phase, the atmosphere became lively as popular Nepali singer, Mr.Mahesh Kafle, took the stage.

Educational Tours: Exploring Nature and Culture

The college administration or chestrated an enriching educational tour for its students, aiming to provide them with first hand experiences beyond the confines of classrooms. Destinations included Mustang, Pokhara, Chitwan, Ghandruk, Ilam, Darjeeling and Kalinchowk, offering adiverse array of cultural and natural wonders.

Real-World Insight through Educational Field Visits

Students from various academic backgrounds recently embarked on educational field visits to gain practical  insights into different industries and institutions, enriching the irunder standing beyond text books.

Industry Visit

A group from grades XI and XII ventured to Sitaram Milk Industry in Balaju, Kathmandu

Media House Visit

Mean while, Humanities students from grades 11 and 12 explored the inner workings of Gorkha Patra Sasthaan, a government newspaper in Nepal. They were introduced to the intricacies of news writing and witnessed the printing and organization of newspapers.

Court Visit

The students with law a samaj or subject visited the district court of Kathmandu, located in Babar Mahal. Immersed in the court room environment, students had the opportunity to witness legal proceedings and hear dialogues between lawyers and judges.

Mr. and Miss Lumbini Talent Hunt Competition

Excitement filled the airat Lumbini Academic College as it hosted the Mr. and Miss Lumbini Talent Competition,  show casing the amazing skills of students from grade XI to Master’s level. The event started with 15-day training  session led by special guests like Miss Nepal 2002, Ms. Malvika Subba, and banker Mr. Anil Keshari Shah, along  with other famous personalities and celebrities. The event took place in a grand setting at the Rastriya Naach  Ghar in Jamal, with dazzling lights, awesome sounds, and beautiful decorations that wowed the audience.

Singing and Dancing Star

Art is the expression of emotion or ideas through creative work. This could be in the form of painting, sculpture, music, film, or any other creative medium. Art can definitely be both dancing and singing, and indeed many people believe that dance and song are completely intertwined forms of expression.

Exploring Hospitality: Kitchen Practical 

Hotel management students recently embarked on an insightful excursion to Nepal’s prestigious Gokarna Forest Resort. This five-star gem welcomed the eager learners with open arms, offering a comprehensive tour of its lavish rooms, well-designed layout, vibrant bar, and lush surroundings. However, the highlight of the day was undoubtedly the immersive kitchen practical session conducted by the resort’s esteemed chef.

Hotel Management Training

In an immersive month-long session, students from the 11th and 12th grades delved into practical training in bar and housekeeping at college’s own hotel management lab. Divided into groups of ten, these aspiring hoteliers learned the ins and outs of bartending, from crafting cocktails and mocktails to serving various beverages with finesse.