Spacious, ventilated, well-furnished and air conditioned class rooms are provided for the students.

Practical Lab

There are separate, well-equipped and well maintained laboratories for the students with excellent facilities for practical work.

Learning System

Learning system is a web portal system that provides individualized web services and information to the students. The students can access it with their individual user name and password. The learning system acts a resource center for the students. Some of the features of the system includes records of attendance, course contents, assignments, notices and downloads.

Library Audio/Visual Room

A quiet reading space; the library is a frequented area of the college. Well stocked with books, manuals, articles and journals, the library at Lumbini serves students and faculty as a primary source of information. The effort has been made to expand the Lumbini library into an intellectual resources center of the college.

Computer Lab

The college has a number of thriving computers equipped with email terminal, dvd and cd-writers and lcd monitors. The college provides free high speed internet service throughout the college hours.

Educational Excursion

The college organizes field studies and excursion programs to provide students an opportunity to visualize and understand different aspects of society. These visits enable students in gaining real world exposure.

Sports and Recreation

The college provides various extracurricular activities like basketball, football, volleyball, table tennis, cricket, badminton, pool etc.


The college runs a well hygienic cafeteria which provides delicious and fresh food items prepared by experienced cook at reasonable price. The cafeteria provides clean drinking water all the time.

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