Training & Research Wing

Students and faculty members at Lumbini Academic College generate knowledge and skills through research in all functional areas of management. The knowledge generated by our researchers has appeared in leading academic journals. Textbooks and working papers are written on a regular basis by our faculty members.

To add value and build Lumbini Academic College as a hub of innovative academic activity, the faculty members and students get involved and collaborate with the various industries as well as research and academic institutions. In this context, an institutional collaboration has recently been done between Management Innovation, Training and Research Academy (MITRA) Pvt. Ltd. and Lumbini Academic Foundation (LAF) for exchanging services related to research and training. The major focus of the collaboration is on TOT programme for faculty development, workshop on writing research proposal and report, workshop on application of research methodology, services related to students’ field visits for project work, assisting students in thesis writing and joint publication of academic journals. Dr. Dil Prasad Shrestha, a Senior Researcher and Executive Director of MITRA will be leading the research wing at LAF.